Wednesday, 3 June 2015

0251 The end of this part of the adventure

I will start a new blog for Europe.  I will finalise it shortly and post the new address link.

At the end of my 13 month Americas Adventure, I have tried to summarize my trip. I am longwinded, so it would take a very long time for anyone to try to read my whole original blog from start to finish.  So, as I did with my Alaska 2012 blog, I have tried to summarize the trip into smaller, more easily digestible pieces, giving a rough outline of the trip, and trying to get just the best photos.  Unfortunately it is still quite long - Well, it was a long trip, and to trim it down to just 2 pages of writing and 20 or 30 photos is absolutely impossible.  Well, it is for me !  So I have done four last posts - A Best of the Best Parts 1-4.  One for USA and Canada, one for Central America (Mexico to Panama), one for South America down to Santiago, and one for South America from Santiago to the end in Uruguay.

I hope you enjoy it.  I have certainly enjoyed doing it, despite daily wifi and computer battles !   I use the blog a lot to remind me of what we have done and seen - Without the blog and all the photos, much of the Adventure would be forgotten - Especially as my mind finds it harder and harder to remember everything !  And that would be a shame. 

We now look forward to the next Adventure - Europe 2015 !!  I hope you can share it with us. 


  1. Seems like you really had fun, for adventure lovers no post is long as it is interesting. And I agree instead of writing single article at the end one should keep updating it daily bases. All the best for your Europe Adventure

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