Monday, 30 March 2015

0238 Ubatuba

28th – 31st March 
Presents, surfing, and birthday lunches

After breakfast, Leticia gave  me a present – A lovely little plate with “Ubatuba” written on it, and a picture of two  little fishes making eyes at each other – And signed by Leticia !  Gorgeous.  It my take me a while to get it home, but I know I will find a great place to display it when I get there ! Thank you, Leticia !

Soon afterwards we set off up the road, back to Itamambuca Beach for another
surf.  This time Giovanna came with us as well – Not because she wanted to go surfing, but because she wanted to just sit on the beach !  She settled down with a fresh coconut drink while Mauro and Leticia went surfing !

It was lovely to see Mauro and Leticia going into the surf together, and even catching a first way in together – And I was lucky to get a photo of it ! 

After they had had their fill, we went back to Ubatuba and went down to Giovanna’s sisters restaurant for lunch, where I met their Mum and Dad as well.  On the way home after lunch, Giovanna bought me a corn (as in “on-the-cob”) ice cream – I wasn’t too sure about it initially but it was actually quite good !  And even had enough bits of corn in there that some got stuck between my teeth, just like real corn !!

Later on Mauro took me down to the Tropic of Capricorn monument in town – It passes right through the middle of Ubatuba, making it on the same latitude as Rockhampton in Queensland.   On the monument it implies that because of its
position Ubatuba is the first city in the southern hemisphere to celebrate a new day (or summer time), and this is just wrong – NZ has that distinction. Still, nice to see the monument.  This means that on this trip I have now seen monuments for the Arctic Circle (Alaska and Canada), Tropic of Cancer (Baja Mexico), the Equator (Quito, Ecuador), and now the Tropic of Capricorn in Ubatuba.  I must have passed through Capricorn
somewhere in Peru, but I never saw the sign !   So the only “line” I have missed out on on this trip is the Antarctic Circle, so I will just have to come back and do that one another time……!

On Sunday morning Mauro and I both cleaned the cars a little –And then it started raining.  And it poured and poured – All day ! So for much of the day we stayed inside and watched it rain !  Later on we went down to the shop where there was nothing happening as no one was out in the rain, so we helped Leticia pack up and then we went down and had coffee and some cakes down at Tachao, before heading off to their local church in town. This was very informal, and as it was under a kind of permanent marquee, it was lucky it stopped raining just about the time it started !  Believe it or not there was a surfer there from NZ who had just arrived for 6 months surfing !!  At least I wasn’t the only person there not speaking Portuguese !!

Monday was Giovanna’s birthday, and we went down to a restaurant where we met her parents and had a very pleasant lunch, followed by yet another visit to Tachao afterwards for coffee !  In the afternoon Pedro, Leticia and Mauro went surfing down on Ubatuba Beach.

On Tuesday I went down into town with Mauro and he took me to the ATM to get some money, and to the supermarket to get some supplies for the road. Sounds simple, but Mauro knows so many
people in town that evert two minutes we were stopping to chat to people, or going into shops for Mauro to have a chat with the owners !  I am someone who has never really spent long enough in any one town in the world to know people that well, so it was an interesting experience for me !  After lunch and a rest, all the rest of the family went off to their weekly English lessons, and once they got back we went downtown for a pizza – Which is what Giovanna REALLY wanted for her birthday the day before !!   After that it was home to bed, ready for our “mountain walk” the next day ! 

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